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Expert admissions consulting for students applying to elite U.S. colleges

Acceptance rates at elite U.S. schools are at an all-time low, and the competition is only growing more fierce.
We’ll help you stand out from the pack, and maximize your chances of getting into your dream schools.

Maple to Ivy is a boutique consulting firm specializing in placing students in the most selective U.S. colleges.

Based out of Toronto in the financial heart of Canada, Maple to Ivy has successfully and consistently secured students across the globe acceptances into some of the world’s best universities, including Harvard, Yale, and Stanford; as well as scholarships collectively valued at over $10 million (USD).

Maple to Ivy’s expert strategists represent a wide cross-section of alumni and former admissions committee members, all of whom have had extensive, direct experience with the U.S. college admissions process.

Nobody knows the admissions game better.

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