We set you apart from the competition.


Our team of admissions experts specialize in helping land students like you acceptances into Ivy League and other elite U.S. colleges. No matter what stage you’re at in the application process, we can help.

Overall Strategy Development

A personalized, tailored strategy is crucial to entry to all elite educational institutions. Without a plan of action, you risk missing key elements essential to the success of your overall application. Our expert consultation sessions provide consistent support at every stage of the process in order to maximize your admissions success.


Essay & Personal Statement

You are more than an application number, and the personal essay is your chance to showcase why you are the most deserving student to nab one of the scarce spots in the upcoming class. Our strategists provides comprehensive guidance on the personal essay writing process, from initial brainstorming to the revised draft, and are committed to highlighting and illustrating your finest and most compelling qualities.


Extracurricular & Leadership Development

Elite and Ivy League colleges value more than just remarkable academics, often placing heavy emphasis on elements of your extracurricular life, such as your demonstration of leadership and prowess in sport or music. Our consultants are experts in identifying and leveraging your strengths and passions necessary to create a unique, impactful application which will distinguish you from the competition.


Alumni Interview Preparation

Alumni interviews are among the most overlooked aspects of the application process, but it is vital you prepare to express and present yourself convincingly in front of alumni interviewers. Your strategist will deliver realistic, challenging mock interviews, allowing you to prepare confident, authentic responses, and comfortably handle whatever your interview throws your way.


Academic Planning & Standardized Testing Strategy

Highlighting your academic abilities and potential is of major importance when applying to elite universities. We make sure that your knowledge and passion clearly shines through in your application, by advising you on course selection and coaching you on overall academic success, and enabling you to best present your academic history and rigor.


Financial Aid & Scholarships

Many students, especially international students, are deterred from applying to top U.S. schools due to the overall rise in tuition and fees. However, with many elite colleges, generous financial aid and scholarships are available to help you fund your educational goals, and we provide expert advice and knowledge of these avenues to determine your eligibility.


Resume & Letters of Recommendation

External validation for the merits of your achievements, from reputable and reliable sources, can massively boost your candidacy. Our consultants shortlist the strongest recommendations and advise on how to obtain the best letters of recommendation.


Athletic Recruiting

If your love for sport is something you plan to leverage in the future, making your target university aware of your athletic abilities can significantly improve your application. U.S. elite institutions value athletic achievement, and are always ready to recruit new talent into their ranks.


How it Works


Tried and tested, our methods deliver unmatched results

Initial Consultation

Gain a bird’s-eye view of how admissions consulting can help you.

Get Matched

Connect 1-on-1 with top strategists based on your strengths, needs & background.

Develop a Strategy

Work closely with your strategist to develop a personalized master plan.

Execute & Iterate

Carry out your strategy, and check-in regularly to report, revise & repeat. 

Apply & Succeed

Cross off application milestones, and get into your dream schools.

A more modern approach

We primarily work with families on a remote basis, typically through phone and video conference. A remote model allows us to deliver our services as effectively, efficiently, and flexibly as possible. We have full, round-the-clock coverage (24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year!), and are able to hold consulting sessions on any combination of weekdays, weeknights, or weekends in order to accommodate your schedule.

We set you apart from the competition.


95% of our students accepted into 1 or more of their top 3 choices, including

95% of our students accepted into 1 or more of their top 3 choices, including

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